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Are you struggling to get through to students, to get them excited about learning?

Do you spend countless hours searching for projects to engage them in learning, only to find fragmented, or ineffective suggestions that have little to no impact on learner engagement and participation?

Are you looking to transform the dynamics in your classroom by using proven techniques that will get students excited, to get them up and out of their seats to get them using hands-on activities that they will truly enjoy?

Then we invite you to explore the 4MAT Lesson plan examples found on this site.

4MATIONweb is a new teacher resource page that showcases the very best in 4MAT Lesson Planning. These sample 4MAT lesson plans are from all grade levels and content areas to profile how this model works in these different contexts. Every 4MAT lesson on this site is also officially endorsed by About Learning, the authors and creators of the 4MAT Method of Instruction. So, you can be assured that these lessons are of the best possible quality.

How can I access additional 4MAT designs?

This site includes seven sample 4MAT wheels to highlight the potential of this model. You can sign up for a FREE 4MATION Demo to gain access to 12 additional 4MAT lessons that will help you understand the dynamics of this model.

Or you can access our full collection of over 500 units by subscribing to 4MATION software. The cost for a one-year subscription to this software is just $125.35 per teacher. Building, District, Group and Department site licenses are also available for organizations looking to collaborate and share on 4MAT development. Please call About Learning at (800) 822-4MAT to learn more or to schedule a group demonstration.

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